Oregon Community Wind (ORCWind) is a community wind development company based in Portland, Oregon. We are committed to developing renewable wind energy generation facilities (wind farms) that harvest nature’s power in an environmentally responsible manner that benefits the local community and economy.

The ORCWind team is comprised of outdoor enthusiasts that have a passion for all things Oregon, from surfing the rugged coast to mountain biking in the Cascades. Our interest in renewable energy stems from our desire to preserve the environment for future generations to enjoy.

Our team has experience working on wind projects all over the world including the installation of over 300 MWs right here in Oregon. While our team of engineers and professionals has significant experience with large-scale wind projects, we came together to create a firm that focuses on community-scale wind projects (<20 MWs). We can take advantage of potential sites that do not meet the requirements of larger utility scale (>50 MWs) wind developers. ORCWind can take a wind generation project all the way from site selection, through feasibility studies, into commissioning and operation.